Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unity's Source Code Control System Bug

You can stop banging your head against the wall because you've had to revert for the 8th time this week. Your co-worker, remote development group, or whomever it is that keeps overwriting your code is actually not at fault (well, most probably not at fault). We have confirmed that at least three other dev firms are running into issues with 2.6's SVN support.

If any representative from Unity is listening, pretty pretty please patch this bug!

Here's the update that I received from our CTO:

"I interviewed someone yesterday who said he ran into exactly the same problem that we did. Even more telling, I had a phone conversation with someone at a game development studio called ******* (they did *******, among other games; there are approximately 60 employees there) and they have not only run into this same problem (although in their case it was using Unity with Perforce) but also, in conversations with Unity about the issue, were told that Unity is working on fixing the problem."

I can't find any public comment from Unity on the Bug... Anyone?

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