Thursday, March 4, 2010

Preventing Burnout

This was pulled directly from wikipedia and is certainly worth the read. In the start-up world as well as in game production you need to be aware of what keeps a team fluid and happy. Burnout is a genuine concern. My vote, burn the candle at both ends when necessary but make sure to enjoy the process and be true to the "work hard and play hard" adage.

Preventing burnout

While individuals can cope with the symptoms of burnout, the only way to truly prevent burnout is through a combination of organizational change and education for the individual.[11] Organizations address these issues through their own management development, but often they engage external consultants to assist them in establishing new policies and practices supporting a healthier worklife. Maslach and Leiter postulated that burnout occurs when there is a disconnect between the organization and the individual with regard to what they called the six areas of work life: Workload, Control, Reward, Community, Fairness, and Values.[12] Resolving these discrepancies requires integrated action on the part of both the individual and the organization.[13] A better connection on workload means assuring adequate resources to meet demands as well as work/life balances that encourage employees to revitalize their energy.[14] A better connection on values means clear organizational values to which employees can feel committed.[15] A better connection on community means supportive leadership and relationships with colleagues rather than discord.[16]

One approach for addressing these discrepancies focuses specifically on the fairness area. In one study employees met weekly to discuss and attempt to resolve perceived inequities in their job.[17] This study revealed decreases in the exhaustion component over time but did not affect cynicism or inefficacy indicating that a broader approach is required.[18]

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