Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FlashDevelop, Flash Builder 4, & SVN

Recently, I began work on a project that originated via an engineer utilizing FlashDevelop. I personally love FlashDevelop (open-source all the way!) but, since my move to Mac, I have been unwilling to use it in VM and instead have gone with Flash Builder 4.

FB4 does not recognize FlashDevelop projects which makes getting started a little challenging. So after I pulled the codebase from SVN, I was left with a bit of a conundrum. FB4 wouldn't recognize the file that I wanted to select as the default application. How do I compile?

I googled around and couldn't find any immediately relevant help articles. Here is what I did, hope it helps:

- Create a new ActionScript project in FlashBuilder and set name and location (workspace) to be identical to your repository checkout.

- Delete the code-generated default class file

- Open the .actionScriptProperties file

- Edit the applications node with:

<application path=""/>

- FB4 should now allow you to compile

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Leonardo Borrero Luz said...

Where's the .actionScriptProperties file?

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