Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum Teams W/ Jeff Sutherland

Distributed teams can be a nightmare with Scrum, if you don't know how to tackle the challenges that they present.

Here's a link to a PDF that shares some of the slides in the presentation:


One interesting tidbit, Jeff asked...

Are you properly doing Scrum? He then referenced the Nokia Test as the benchmark.

Here's the Nokia Test by Bas Vodde

• Are you doing iterative development?
– Sprints must be time boxed to four weeks or less
– Software features must be tested and working at
the end of an iteration
– Sprints must start with an Agile specification
• Only 50% of Scrum teams worldwide meet these
• Do you know who the product owner is?
• Is there a product backlog prioritized by business value that has
estimates created by the team?
• Does the team generate burndown charts and know their
• Is the team’s work free from disruption by project managers (or
anyone else)?

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