Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What does it mean to be done done?

If you ask the James Shore & Shane Warden, they'll tell you the following:

  • Tested (all unit, integration, & customer tests finished)

  • Coded (all code written)

  • Designed (code refactored to the team's satisfaction)

  • Integrated (the story works from end to end - typically, UI to database - and fits into the rest of the software)

  • Builds (the build scripts include any new modules)

  • Installs (the build script includes the story in the automated installer)

  • Migrates (the build script updated database schema if necessary; the installer migrates data when appropriate)

  • Reviewed (customers have reviewed the story and confirmed that it meets their expectations)

  • Fixed (all known bugs have been fixed or scheduled as their own stories)

  • Accepted (customers agree that the story is finished)

Can you run down this checklist at the close of an iteration and be certain that you've satisfied each bullet? If not, it's time to knock off a couple of the stories that you've committed to and focus on doing it right the first time.

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